Monday 5 December 2011

Candy Wrapper Advent Calendar # 6

Number 6 is a funky little Christmas tree. I saw an image a few weeks ago when browsing on the internet, and now can't remember what the art work was on, but it included a drawing of a tree which gave me the idea to create one from circle punches. It's very simple, but quite a cheery little tree I think!

The little star on top of the tree is the only non-SU thing on the whole advent calendar - it's a little (purple) Woodware punch. I punched it from Daffodil Delight, and glittered it with Dazzling Diamonds. The spots on the dsp also have Dazzling Diamonds on them. Here's how I made the tree:

Punch out three circles - sizes as shown in the photo. Mark the 12 o'clock position on all the circles, and also on the larger circle mark 3 and 9 o'clock. The marks on the smaller circles need to be slightly further down than the positions on the largest one as in the photo.

Use a post it note, and stick at the bottom of the circle. This is to use as a handle to hold the circle in the punch, but also as a memory aid to not punch that part of the circle!

Place a circle in the punch and line up two of the marks on the edge as indicated by the red arrows. Repeat on the other side of the circle.

Repeat for all three circles. They will look something like this.

Trim off the pointed parts on the largest two circles so that they don't poke out above the piece on top when you assemble the tree.

To create the dsp edge you will need to use the three circle punches you already used, plus a 3/4" circle punch. Start with the 3/4" punch and punch out at the edge of the dsp as in the photo.

Next take the 1" punch and punch around where you punched before to make a crescent shape.

Repeat this step with the 1" plus 1 1/4" punches and then the 1 1/4" plus 1 3/8" punches. You will end up with three crescent shapes which will fit on the bottom of your three tree pieces. The largest one will look like the one in the photo above. The other two will not be such pointy crescent shapes - more like a portion of a ring.

Stick each strip onto its respective tree piece.

Trim off the excess.

Repeat for all three pieces.

Stick the three segments together, and add a strip of Chocolate Chip for a trunk.

You can then finish off the tree as you fancy.

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MrsC.x said...

these look great jo xx

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