Thursday 5 March 2009

Box with Scallop Circle Flowers


Card/Paper: Ballet Blue, Always Artichoke, So Saffron, Whisper White
Ink: So Saffron, (pad), Ballet Blue (marker)
Stamps: Sanded background stamp
Punches: Scallop Circle, Five Petal Flower, Boho Blossoms, 0.5" Circle and 1.25" Circle
Box Size: 11cm x 11cm x 3cm (approx. 4.25" x 4.25 x 1.25")


This box is a project that I did at my last stamper's ten meeting. Click on any of the pictures for a closer look.

Cut a square of Always Artichoke card 17cm x 17cm, and another square 16.8cm x 16.8cm. Score both pieces of card 3cm in from the edge on all sides. Cut straight in along the score lines as shown, and then cut a thin wedge out from the flap side of the cut.

Decorate the box as desired. Here I have stamped the Whisper White card using the Sanded background stamp and So Saffron ink, punched the corners of the larger square with a 1/2" circle punch, and then matted all pieces onto Ballet Blue card before sticking to the box. Punch a 1.25" circle of Always Artichoke and stick in the centre of the top of the box. Apply glue or double sided tape to the flaps as shown.

Fold along the score lines and stick the flaps to the inside of the box.

Punch six scalloped circles from Bashful Blue card, and mark the centre of each with a dot. Draw a rough circle around the dot as in the picture. Then cut out a wedge as shown by the dotted line on every other scallop all the way round.

Will look like this. Do all six scallops the same.

With a Bashful Blue marker draw markings on the petals as shown.

Place the tip of the needle end of the DEET tool in the centre of the flower shape, with the rest of the needle laying flat along a petal. Hold the DEET like a knife, with your index finger on the needle to apply pressure. Draw the needle from the centre outwards to create a crease. See the Tool Substitute tab at the top of the blog if you do not have a DEET tool.

With an embossing tool, make small circular movements in the centre at the base of the petals to cup them upwards. The more pressure you apply, the more the flower will cup.

Place a small dot of glue in the centre of one of the flowers, and place another on top, alternating the petals

so it will look like this. When you are satisfied with the position of the petals, press down in the centre with your embossing tool to adhere firmly. Make the other two flowers in the same way.

Punch two shapes using the 5 Petal Flower punch. Cut out one of the petals as in the picture above. Do this for both shapes.

Now cut up the middle between the remaining two pairs of petals as shown. Then on one pair of petals only, cut them apart into two individual pieces. You will end up with three pairs and four individual pieces. One of these individual pieces can be discarded.

Using the DEET tool, and the same method as creasing the flower petals, make a crease down the centre of each leaf.

Turn the leaves over, and glue one of the single ones onto the back of one of the pairs as above. Left hand shows the back of the leaf group after sticking, the right hand show the front.

Punch three of the little rounded petal flowers from the Boho Blossoms Punch from So Saffron card. Use the embossing tool in circular motion to make the shapes cup upwards.

Turn the flower over, and hold it with some tweezers. Apply a tiny spot of glue to each or the petal tips only. Don't worry about the petal that is being held by the tweezers - there will be enough glue on the other tips to hold the flower in place. The easiest way to apply a tiny amount of glue is to squeeze a blob onto some scrap paper, and then use the tip of a cocktail stick to apply it where needed.

Still holding it with the tweezers, turn the yellow flower over and gently place it into the centre of the blue flower. Once it is in position, leave it to dry. Don't apply pressure in the centre to avoid squashing it. Just be patient until the glue dries!

Apply three larger blobs of glue evenly spaced around the green circle in the middle of the box.

Place the three flowers onto these glue blobs and settle them into postion. Hold them for a little while until the glue 'grabs' and they will remain in position when you let go of them. I did use both hands to arrange my flowers, but needed one hand to take the photo! Take care not to put too much pressure on the centres of the flowers so that you don't squash them. I like to do the three flowers simultaneously so that I can adjust the postion of all of them at once. But if you find this too tricky, then glue one at a time into position, and wait 'til the glue is holding it firmly before moving on to the next one.

Apply a little glue to the back of a leaf group and stick it so that it pokes out from between the flowers. This is easier if you wait for the glue on the flowers to be holding them firmly so that they don't shift position. Repeat with the other two leaf groups.

The finished box.

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Peggy Maier said...

Absolutely beautiful. The flowers look so lifelike. I'm going to try this project. Thank you for the great tutorial!

Unknown said...

That looks fabulous!
I'm gonna try it - but mine probably won't look like that!
Thank you for the excellent tutorial.

Going with the Flow By Renee said...

So cute and so pretty! Thank you for the tutorial! I will have to try one when I get the boho punch!

Steph said...

Wow Joanne! this looks fab - I'm going to really enjoy this - thank you soooo much! Steph x

Rosella said...

WOW! This is fantastic! Thank you for the great tutorial!

Sonya said...

Great tutorial, I love floral punch and have taken a class here in Texas. Yours are beautiful. Do you have Susan Tierney Cockburns books on floral punch? I love your site and have linked to it so others can find and explore!

Maria said...

Hi Joanne
Stunning flowers and love your colour combination.
Will definitely have to try this one.
Thanks for sharing

Conniecrafter said...

So cool, love to be able to use my punches in a new way, tfs!

Steph said...

I thought you might like to see a decorated frame I made using your flowers:

I hope you like it.

Alex said...

WOW: What a great job you did, love the box, colours and detail on the flowers!

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x

Jennifer said...

I needed a treat for a get together this Friday and I have found it! Thanks for your creativity!! -jennifer

Ann Wills said...

Joanne, that is a brilliant tutorial, so clear and the end results are gorgeous

Sue said...

This is just gorgeous, I will have to have a try at this tutorial. I think it looks so simple and elegant. Love it.

valita said...

love it! go to my blog and see the poppy i made from you pattern....Luv Valita

Kate Lewis said...

Just stunning Jo, fabulous ideas, thanks for sharing! Kate xx

Wellnifty said...

Gorgeous, thanks for the tut,
Chris x

Crafting Queen said...

fantastic project,must try these flowers.

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